Becoming a Resilience Warrior

Nobody is born resilient, it is an acquired and learnt skill.

There may be people that have a stronger mindset and inner strength which makes it appear that they were born with resilience, however with the right repeated actions everyone is capable of building up their resilience.

I wanted to share some insights that I have used over the years to assist in building up resilience

1. Learn from your mistakes and failures - events will keep repeating themselves if you don't take the time to self reflect

2. Avoid seeing the crisis as an insurmountable problem - just take a breath, calm your inner world so you can use logical thinking and not emotional reacting

3. Break the situation down into bite size chunks and start looking for solution - think about the famous quote "one step at a time"

4. Work on a plan - take action and make decisive decisions don't just sit and think about what needs to be done, get active and do it

5. Look for opportunities for self development and personal growth - no matter how difficult your current situation may feel, you will get through it and you will not be the same person once it's over, focus on a positive growth

6. Maintain perspective and choose your responses - your reality is different to everyone around you, remind yourself of that and try and practice kindness as everyone is dealing with their own battles you are not alone

7. Keep a positive and hopeful outlook - this moment will pass

8. Don't be afraid to reach out and ask for help - we are never given a burden that is too heavy to carry, if you look properly you will always see that people are sent to you in your time of need but you must reach out first

9. Accept that change is a way of life - nothing ever stays the same so enjoy and be present in the good times and know that the bad times will not last forever, they too will pass

10. Take care of yourself - physically, emotionally and mentally as you will not have the strength to face the difficult days when your cup is empty

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