You are what you think!

So let me share a little more about my journey over the past few years.

When you think that life cannot get more difficult, believe me when I say that you attract what you are thinking! A very quick lesson I learnt about the Law of Attraction is that where your thoughts go, your focus goes and unfortunately the powers that be cannot distinguish between what you actually want and what you really do not want, hence where you focus energy flows.

Have you noticed that when you comment about not having enough money to do something, you will receive an unexpected bill or an unplanned expense.

Being mindful is about being aware of your thoughts at all times and catching yourself when you are allowing those negative thought patterns to consume you. Rather start talking as though you have achieved what you really desire. I don't have the money right now but I will shortly or I may not have the money right now however I am working an a few things to ensure that I will have the money.

If you start you day off thinking it's going to be lousy, guess have just set yourself up for a disastrous day, purely from your thoughts that you are putting out into your external world and unconsciously attracting to yourself.

Once I started understanding my thoughts, my world started to shift and I began to understand how when things start to change inside you (your thoughts), things start to change around you (your life).

It's not easy being inside your head all the time and I will be honest, in the beginning it's absolutely exhausting but when you start taking control of that negative "Aunty Agatha" in your head and start planting those seeds of positivity you start achieving results that you never thought would even be possible.

You are AMAZING, now it's up to you to create the life you want but starting with what you are thinking about each day.

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