From the moment I walked through her door, there was no shame or judgement. She listened so intently and adapted to teaching in my style of learning, because we are all different.

I legit broke down limiting beliefs placed on me, by others, through her willingness and dedication to get me out of the hole I was in.

When I look in the mirror now I see what she saw from day one, I see who I was resistant of being.

Thank you for never giving up, thank you for the tough love, thank you for giving me the space to finally grow into myself

Zura Sirkhoth

Be prepared to get uncomfortable and push new boundaries. I loved learning practical tools that I could use to learn more about myself. I gained such insight into myself through this programme. Thank you for creating a safe and creative space for me to delve into all the facets of myself. I feel empowered, refreshed and quite capable of being the best version of myself now and always

Stacey Clifton